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A collaboration of singular entities supporting
a transcendental DeFi ideal.

Our Mission

A successful decentralized project is the result of diversely connected communities, knitted together by the bonds they share and their vision for a future that benefits the wider community.

Our purpose at the Polkaswap Community Collective is to nurture the expansion of the network’s environment, achieved by advancing research, education and broader system development to ensure the longevity of both SORA and Polkaswap.



Ecosystem Development

Greater adoption is achieved by showcasing the benefits of using substrate for DeFi Applications. Firstly we must develop a robust community and expand our collaborative efforts to projects and their ecosystems. To accomplish this PoCoCo will facilitate the partnerships between PSWAP and other advanced DeFi Project specifically for the purpose of elevating their advantageous properties and reflecting them in the Polkaswap dapp, furthering PSWAPs presence in the greater multi chain money lego system and the interoperable future.


The community needs an organization that expands environmental awareness of DeFi in the substrate space via deep research of the technology, especially the unique economic attributes of Polkaswap and Polkadot. To foster innovation and understanding into economic technology systems; furthermore providing impartial value to inspire and cultivate that research.


Polkadot is a newly conceived sharded blockchain environment and a next generation meta protocol. Polkaswap represents a vastly new and radically different way to design and incentivize decentralized exchanges. DeFi natives and early adopters need to expand their understanding of the technologies fundamentals and the economy it operates in to make full use of its capabilities. Then creating easily digestible content for the rest of the community to consume, evolving into a more intelligent user base for the space. PoCoCo’s agenda is to enlighten the DeFi native users about the potential of Parachain DeFi and the unique value proposition of using Polkaswap. Raising the bar of the current DeFi discourse in Polkadot’s vision of interoperable harmony.


We are a highly motivated group consciousness, enthusiastically countering any dissonance within Polkaswap. After identifying Polkaswap’s importance in DeFi we have taken it upon ourselves to enhance the project by bringing together the brightest minds of DeFi to accomplish the task. Achieved by providing information to enable users to leverage the resources provided by Polkaswap’s decentralized exchange which in turn acts as the rhetoric for the progress of DeFi within Polkadot.

Polkaswap is a next-generation cross-chain decentralized exchange based on Polkadot. It is the first XYK DEX, while not traditional in approach, instead of rewarding LPs it implements the state of the art tokenomics of the PSWAP token and vesting coefficients to facilitate positive feedback loops where users keeping liquidity on Polkaswap long term and remaining platform loyal are rewarded by the opportunity to earn a higher percentage of rewards.

More information can be found on the Polkaswap website.

SORA is both a supernatural economic system and the key substrate based network that Polkaswap is built on. The Token Bonding Curve at the center of the SORA economic system is an algorithmic supply distributor that mints and burns tokens. Similar to how a bank prints debt as bonds this not only reduces price impact but also distributes tokens to those that are the most loyal to the ecosystem without being inflationary as opposed to other stable coins that continuously mint new coins; this is thanks to tokens being able to be minted and burned based on demand.
PoCoCo is a critical step in scaling Polkaswap and SORA for the greater DeFi community, allowing the innovative tokenomics of both PSWAP and XOR to propagate within Polkadot’s DeFi universe.

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